Madwoman on the Bridge

Madwoman on the Bridge

Transworld Publishers, (UK)

Sept. 2008

Translated by Josh Stenberg, from works by Su Tong


Madwoman on the Bridge from 桥上的疯妈妈
Weeping Willow from 垂杨柳
On Saturdays from 星期六
Thieves from 小偷
How the Ceremony Ends from 仪式的完成
The Private Banquet from 私宴
Goddess Peak from 神女峰
The Diary for August from 八月日记
Dance of Heartbreak from 伤心的舞蹈
The Water Demon from 水鬼
Atmospheric Pressure from 大气压力
The Q of Hearts from 红桃Q
Home in May from 五月回家
The Giant Baby from 巨婴