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Boy in The Twilight


Boy in The Twilight

Pantheon, (US)

Dec. 2014

Translated by Allan Barr, from works by Yu Hua


No Name of My Own from 我没有自己的名字
Boy in the Twilight from 黄昏里的男孩
Why There Was No Music from 为什么没有音乐
Victory from 女人的胜利
Appendix from 阑尾
Mid-Air Collisions from 空中爆炸
On The Bridge from 在桥上
Sweltering Summer from 炎热的夏天
Timid As A Mouse from 我胆小如鼠
Their Son from 他们的儿子
The Skipping-and-Stepping Game from 蹦蹦跳跳的游戏
Why Do I Have To Get Married? from 我为什么要结婚
Friends from 朋友