“You’re stepping on my shadow, please back off,” she said.

Sun Yisheng / Nicky Harman

Beijing Women

Beijing Women contains four short stories/novellas by Wang Yuan: “Lipstick”, “Deception”, “A Slice of Ginger” and “Beijing Woman”. The stories were co-translated by Shuyu Kong and Colin S. Hawes, and the collection includes an introduction by Shuyu on “Wang Yuan and her ethical dramas of everyday China”. Prof. Dai Jinhua notes: “Wang Yuan reveals the moral and spiritual complexities hidden within … women’s lives in a huge metropolis”. Prof. Richard King states: “This is sensitive and equivocal writing, elegantly translated.”


Beijing Women (merwinasia.com)

Merwin Asia, (US)

May 2014


Lipsticktr. Colin Hawes and Shuyu Kongfrom 口红
Deceptiontr. Colin Hawes and Shuyu Kongfrom 欺骗
A Slice of Gingertr. Colin Hawes and Shuyu Kongfrom 姜片
Beijing Womantr. Colin Hawes and Shuyu Kongfrom 北京人