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Lin Bai



Lin Bai was born in Guangxi Province in 1958 and sent down to the countryside after middle school. She began publishing in 1990's and immediately established herself as a writer of women's literature to the extent that her work sought to define and explore the nature of a uniquely female psychology. Her most outstanding work so far has been the 1994 novel One Person's War, which depicts the life of a young woman from southern China as she comes to understand herself physically and psychologically. Lin Bai's most recent novel, The Words of Village Wives, published in 2005, tells the stories of many different female characters in the Chinese countryside through a series of interviews and fictional conversations.

Lin Bai's work, which comes as close to the Western-defined "women's literature" and "literature of the body" as any Chinese author has so far, features female main characters from southern China and frequently employs a retrospective narrative style. Feminine sexuality and homosexuality are common themes. Heavy flavors of autobiography are present.


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