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我在路上的时候最爱你 (lit. I Love You Most When I'm on the Road)

Novel by Shi Yifeng.

This novel tells the story of how fate brought protagonist Chen Jun together with Mo Xiaoying and Lin Miao. The narrative begins in the university district of Beijing, where self-described slacker Chen Jun finds the one thing he can be diligent about: a long-legged, witty beauty named Mo Xiaoying. However, a chance introduction to tutor the alluring and mysterious Lin Miao threatens to derail Chen's relationship. As fate parts and crosses the paths of these three characters, it reveals how their lives are more interwoven than they ever thought. With I Love You Most When I'm on the Road, Shi Yifeng crafts a self-derisive, but tenderhearted fable of young love--first love--and the consequences it may wreak thereafter.