“You’re stepping on my shadow, please back off,” she said.

Sun Yisheng / Nicky Harman

Humour in Chinese Life and Letters: Classical and Traditional Approaches

Non-fiction by None.

Edited by Jocelyn Chey and Jessica Milner Davis

List of Figures
Preface – Jocelyn Chey and Jessica Milner Davis
1. Youmo and the Chinese Sense of Humour – Jocelyn Chey
2. The Theory of Humours and Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Preamble to Chapter 3 – Jessica Milner Davis
3. The Qi That Got Lost in Translation: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Humour and Healing – Rey Tiquia
4. The Classical Confucian Concepts of Human Emotion and Proper Humour – Weihe Xu
5. Identifying Daoist Humour: Reading the Liezi – Shirley Chan
6. Shared Humour: Elitist Joking in Shishuo xinyu (A New Account of Tales of the World) – Lily Xiao Hong Lee
7. Chinese Humour as Reflected in Love-Theme Comedies of the Yuan Dynasty – Andy Shui-lung Fung and Zhan Hang-Lun
8. How Humour Humanizes a Confucian Paragon: The Case of Xue Baochai in Honglou meng – Weihe Xu
9. Contextualizing Lin Yutang’s essay "On Humour": Introduction and Translation – Joseph C. Sample
10. Discovering Humour in Modern China: The Launching of the Analects Fortnightly Journal and the "Year of Humour" (1933) – Qian Suoqiao

HKU Press, 2011 [ISBN ISBN 9789888083527]
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