Starfish Bay Publishing

"Starfish Bay Publishing is an independent publishing house located in Adelaide, Australia. We are dedicated to publishing quality picture books for children primarily aged 3 to 8, with first-rate literary and artistic content. Our aim is to capture children’s imagination and maintain their interest with a thoughtful story. Established in 2014, this philosophy has remained the same ever since.

Starfish Bay publishes a rich and internationally appealing collection. So far we have published authors and illustrators from Iceland, Ireland, the UK, the US, China, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia.

All Starfish Bay books are distributed and sold in the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand through our sales agents and distributors.

Starfish Bay is an internationally–established publisher, selling rights to a broad range of publishers worldwide and also buying them from all over the world. Throughout the years, we have formed unique publishing relationships to grow the Starfish Bay list across the world." (copied from publisher's website, August 2020)