Chinese Literature Press

The Chinese Literature Press, established in 1951, is a state-level professional press engaged in translating Chinese literary works into other languages. For many years, it has been engaged in Sino-foreign literature exchanges, and enjoys international reputation. In 1951, the English edition of Chinese Literature started publication; in 1964, the French edition of Chinese Literature started publication. Since the 1980s, the English and French versions of the Panda Book Series have been published in succession, and so far have exceeded 200 titles. Since the 1990s, by making good use of its advantage in Chinese and foreign language editing and translating talents, and the resource advantage it has obtained in so many years of international publishing, the Chinese Literature Press has published a batch of high-quality Chinese books, including recent works of domestic masters and classical literary books and best-sellers in the world by buying the copyright, which has earned it a good reputation in readers, media, and the literary circle in China. (copied from publisher's website, March 2015)