Yo Yo 友友


YoYo (Liu Youhong) was born in western China, and moved to Beijing in the 70s. She worked as an art editor in the Chinese Theatre Publishing House during the 80s. YoYo began her literary writing in Beijing. She left China in 1988, and now lives in London.
For more information see http://yanglian.net/yoyo_en/

Ghost Tide - published in Chinese in 2002; published in English in 2005. ‘In fictional form it gives thoughtful and original consideration to some fundamental questions about China’- review by Nicholas Jose (novelist); ‘It is funny, it is sad, and it is wildly original’- review by John R Saul (President of PEN International)
One Man’s Decision to Become a Tree (Beijing – London Quartet)

Collection of Short Stories
She Saw Two Moons (1995)

Collection of Prose and Essays
Humans cape - Ghost Speak (1994)

Wings of Desire (1999) - on the history and culture of Eton college
Eton College in Windsor (2005)