Xu Xu 徐訏

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1908-1980. Pen-name of Xu Chuancong. Born in China, graduated from the Philosophy Department of Peking University in 1927 and worked with Lin Yutang (1895-1976). Went to Paris in 1936 for further studies. Returned to China during the Anti-Japanese War and taught at several universities. After 1949 he moved to Hong Kong where he continued his academic and writing career. He taught in Chu Hai College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Baptist University, as well as Nanyang University in Singapore. Most famous for romantic fiction such as the short story Gui lian 《鬼恋》 [The love of a ghost] (1939) and the novel Feng xiaoxiao 《风萧萧》 [Whistling wind] (1946). (see Renditions author biography)


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