Xu Rongzhe 許榮哲


Xu was born in 1974 and holds two MAs: one in Engineering for Sustainable Environments from National Taiwan University and another in Creative Writing from National Dong Hua University. Formerly a member of the mischievous "8P" and an editor of Unitas Magazine, he is currently the Artistic Director of the Gengxin Youth Writing Program and the Editor-in-Chief of Siye Publishing. Besides fiction, he has written a paper on water reservoirs, several screenplays for movies and TV series, children's books, and several books on writing, including Lessons about Fiction. Many students see him as the passionate Teacher Ah Kai in the Naturo cartoons, but he is actually more like the clever villain Orchimaru. His most powerful work will emerge once he completes training in all the different ninjutsus.

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