Xiao Hang 晓航


Xiao Hang is an author, businessman, movie-maker, and investor. He began his creative endeavors in 1996, and since then he has written more than 1.5 million characters in total. He has received the annual award of People’s Literature, the Selected Stories award for an outstanding novel, and the Lu Xun Literature Prize. In literary circles, he is generally considered the sole successful proponent of “intellectual writing” – using realistic story elements and specific intellectual disciplines to build up fantastic, surreal worlds. His novellas and short stories include: Who Weeps for Me?, When Brotherhood is Over, When Love is Over, When A Relationship is Over, The Classmate’s Lens, The Hard-Forgotten Moment of Sunset, A Phoenix Tree for You, Let’s Go to Water City Together, Discussing Our Splendid Lives, Record of the Broken Bridge, and All the Pigs Are Here.


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