Wenren Yueyue 聞人悅閱

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As the author is always forced to explain (because the surname sounds unusual and the given name too fitting for an author): Wenren Yueyue is not a pseudonym but is in fact her real name. Wenren is a Zhejiang-province surname. Yueyue, or 'takes pleasure in reading' comes from her parents' hope that she would enjoy reading. Wenren Yueyue was born in 1975, in the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. She worked in New York for ten years and now lives in Hong Kong. Though she studied electrical engineering as an undergraduate and finance in graduate school, the September 11th tragedy moved her to write. "The Gilded Age" was the result and won her the 2001 Unitas New Writers Prize for Novellas (First Prize).

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