Wang Ke 王棵

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Wang Ke was born Wang Jinkang in 1972 and spent more than two decades in the military before retiring to pursue a life of travel. He is the author of six published novels and story collections. Wang Ke started writing in 2000, and in 2005 began publishing widely in magazines such as People’s Literature and October. He was named one of the 21st Century Literary Stars in 2005, which resulted in the publication of his first collection of stories, Reef Garrison Keywords (which includes “Seawatch”). He is the recipient of numerous prizes, including the 2003-2006 Outstanding Fiction Prize from Selected Stories magazine, the 2007 New Arrival Prize from October magazine, the 2008 Dianchi Prize for Literature, the 6th Sichuan Prize for Literature, the 7th Moutai Literature Prize from the Ba Jin Literature Institute, and the first readers’ award for most popular story from PLA Literature and Art magazine.