Tingde Wang (1981 – ) 王庭德


Tingde Wang, a handicapped poet, has published more than one thousand literary works and news articles with a total of three million Chinese characters in China. He is also the author of a full-length poetry collection, Oil Lamp of the Soul, and a documentary book, No Need to Look Up at the World, which is a best-selling book in China, is collected and recommended by several national libraries, and won various awards in China including the Chinese University Excellent Book Award. As a member of Shaanxi Writers Association, he is also a member of Shaanxi Literary and Artistic Creation Talent Project and the winner of “Shaanxi Outstanding Disabled Writer” award. He has delivered more than two hundred inspirational lectures at various Chinese universities, government departments, and enterprises. Also, he is a “Good Shaanxi Person” as evaluated by Shaanxi government and a “4th Moral Exemplar of Ankang City”. His poem “Giving”, co-translated by Chen Du and Xisheng Chen, was published by The Festival Review in 2022.