Conor Stuart

I studied Chinese in Leeds University in the UK, including a year in Beijing, then came to Taiwan after graduation for a year’s language course. I read my master’s degree at the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature at National Taiwan University and I’m now working as a translator/editor for an English-language online newspaper. I set out with this blog to practice literary translation and I have posted some of the translations of short stories or excerpts from novels, but there are also posts on a variety of stuff from reviews of the Taiwanese/Chinese books I’m reading and Chinese and Taiwanese language films I am watching to some interesting language tidbits I have come across in the study of Mandarin and Taiwanese as well as general (and amateur) observations of Taipei. I welcome contributions from people who have an interest in translating Taiwanese and Chinese literature (literature from Taiwan) or who have interesting Taiwanese or Chinese vocabulary to share.
(copied from his blog, Jan 2015)


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