Mario De Grandis 馬陵雲

Mario is an Italian translator of Chinese fiction and movies. His research focuses on Chinese Contemporary Ethnic Literature.  He has been living in China since early 2008, when he studied Chinese at the Dalian Foreign Language University. Soon after he moved to Nanjing where he worked at Yilin Press which was his fundamental learning experience concerning translation and the Chinese literary market.

Since 2010 he has been a freelance translator for Yinglin Nanjing Translation Center, translating news information and subtitling videos for national TV. From 2011 he has been reading Chinese literature and writing reports for the Italian Publisher Metropoli d'Asia. In 2011 he cooperated on subtitling into French the six-hour documentary "Karamay" by director Xu Xin. In 2012 he translated, for Wu Promotion three long Beijing Opera scripts and four extracts. (


  • Here be Giantsby Thomas Heban [English] (2015)
  • 《铁血信鸽》由鲁敏《Piccioni d’acciaioby Lu Min (2014)
  • 《河蟹房子》由艾未未《Il granchio in caraPACEby Ai Weiwei (2014)
  • 《白蛇传》北京京剧院 La leggenda del Serpente bianco(Jingju Theater Company of Beijing) (2013)
  • 《白蛇传》北京京剧院梅兰芳京剧演出 La leggenda del Serpente bianco(Compagnia teatrale di Mei Lanfang (2012)
  • 《吕布与貂蝉》《Lü Bu e Diao Chan(2012)
  • 《赵氏孤儿》《L'orfano della famiglia Zhao(2012)
  • 《天女散花》《 La Dea del Cielo sparge petali (2012)
  • 《十八罗汉斗悟空》《I diciotto Arahat combattono contro Sun Wukong (2012)
  • 《娘娘喝醉啦》《La concubina è ubriaca (2012)
  • 《三岔口》《Ad un crocevia(2012)
  • 《克拉玛依》由徐辛 Karamayby Xu Xin [French](2011)
  • 《多米诺骨牌效应》 Effetto domino (2010)


  • Caos calmo Sandro Veronesi 《平静的骚动》(2012)
  • 《猫和老鼠:超级英雄》 (2010)
  • 《猫和老鼠:思维游戏》 (2010)