Ian Clark 陶亦然


Ian Clark is a long-time Nanjing resident. He cooperated on translating the six-hour documentary "Karamay" with Cindy Carter by director Xu Xin. In 2010 he published an English translation of Yu Qiuyu's "Quest for Chinese Culture". In 2007 he wrote an original book in Chinese called, I'm Not a Foreigner. He had a column at Kids' Literature for two years from 2005 to 2007. His translations of Huang Fan's poetry received honors and were featured in The Pearl of the Pearl River poetry collection. In 2004 his poem "Poem for Tibet" was named "one of China's best poems" and was featured in "China's Best Poetry." In 2002 he was a translator for Nanjing's New Orient magazine, translating news information and leads and compiling them into more detailed articles about current news.

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