Fu Shi 浮石


Fu Shi is the pseudonym of Hu Gang.

See this article in the New York Times

"... A former philosophy student, he left his job in the human resources department of his alma mater, Xiangtan University, in 1992. ... Mr. Fu’s first novel, Green Porcelain released in 2006, about guanxi in an auction house, sold more than a million copies and was serialized by the Web portal Sina.com, earning Mr. Fu nearly 4 million renminbi, he wrote. ... He went into business, eventually becoming the legal representative of an auction company, which he declined to name. Bribing officials was part of the job. ... By 2003, Mr. Fu had become enmeshed in a major corruption scandal involving justice system officials. “Friends” sold him out to the authorities. Jailed for 300 days, he thought up his first novel, he said. He has since published another, Red Sleeve, and plans two more — a guanxi quartet.

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