The coffin fell apart.
There was the sound of decayed wood crumbling, and a cloud of smoke surged out, like water vapour from a hot steamer.

Yan Lianke / Carlos Rojas

Yao Xueyin



One of the winners of the Mao Dun Prize 1982 for his historical novel 《李自成》(第二卷Li Zicheng.

"Li Tzu-ch'eng", excerpts trans. by William Lyell, in Kai-yu Hsu (ed.), Literature of the People's Republic of China, Bloomington: IUP, 1980, pp. 890-98. Also excerpted under the titles "Battling South of the Pass", Chinese Literature 4 (1978), pp. 10-62; 5 (1978), pp. 29-93 and "Beseiged in His Palace", Chinese Literature 6 (1978), pp. 35-86; 7 (1978), pp. 29-94; 8 (1978), pp. 76-103.