Susan Chan Egan

Independent Scholar

Menlo Park, California, USA

Susan Chan Egan is an independent scholar based in Menlo Park, California.


A Pragmatist and His Free Spirit: The Half-Century Romance of Hu Shi and Edith Clifford Williams. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 2009 (co-authored with Chou Chih-p’ing).

The Song of Everlasting Sorrow. New York: Columbia University Press, 2008 (co-translated with Michael Berry. Reviewed here in the New York Times.

A Latterday Confucian: Reminiscences of William Hung (1893-1980). Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1987.


《洪业传》台北联经出版社,1992;北京大学出版社,1995; 商务印书馆, 2013

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“Voices Carry: Behind Bars and Backstage during China's Revolution and Reform” (book review) China Review International, Vol. 15:3, 2008, 442-445.

“Painting Signs: Demuth’s Portrait of Charles Duncan” in American Art (Fall 2008), 90-101. (American Art is published by the University of Chicago Press in association with the Smithsonian American Art Museum.)



严复孙女严倚云的美满婚姻香港 《明报月刊》20051月,117-119

Works by Susan Chan Egan
The Song of Everlasting Sorrow (with Michael Berry), January, 2008
Translated from Changhen Ge, by Wang Anyi