Julia Lovell

Professor of Modern Chinese Literature, Queen's College, Cambridge

Cambridge, UK


Julia Lovell teaches modern Chinese history and literature at Birkbeck College, University of London. She is the author of The Politics of Cultural Capital: China’s Quest for a Nobel Prize in Literature, The Great Wall: China Against the World and The Opium War: Drugs, Dreams and the Making of China. Her several translations of modern Chinese fiction include Han Shaogong’s A Dictionary of Maqiao (winner of 2011 Newman Prize for Chinese Literature), Zhu Wen’s I Love Dollars, and Lu Xun’s The Real Story of Ah-Q, and Other Tales of China. Recipient of the Philip Leverhulme Prize, she is currently working on a global history of Maoism.

Works by Julia Lovell
The Real Story of Ah-Q, and Other Tales of China, November, 2009
Serve the People, February, 2008
Translated from Wei Renmin Fuwu, by Yan Lianke
China Witness (with Nicky Harman and Esther Tyldesley), January, 2008
Lust, Caution, November, 2007
Translated from Se Jie, by Zhang Ailing
I Love Dollars and other stories of China, November, 2006
Translated from Wo Ai Meiyuan, by Zhu Wen
The Dictionary of Maqiao, August, 2003
Translated from Maqiao Cidian, by Han Shaogong