“You’re stepping on my shadow, please back off,” she said.

Sun Yisheng / Nicky Harman

Shi Cheng: Short Stories from Urban China (lit. )

Novel by unknown.

Edited by Liu Ding, Carol Yinghua Lu and Ra Page.
Introduction by Liu Ding, Carol Yinghua Lu, Ra Page
Square Moon, by Ho Sin Tung, tr. Petula Parris-Huang
But What About the Red Indians?, by Cao Kou, tr. Rachel Henson
Kangkang's Gonna Kill That Fucker Zhao Yilu, by Jie Chen, tr. Josh Stenberg
Rendezvous at the Castle Hotel, by Yi Sha, tr. Yu Yan Chen
Dear Wisdom Tooth, by Zhang Zhihao, tr. Josh Stenberg
This Moron is Dead, by Han Dong, tr. Nicky Harman
Family Secrets, by Ding Liying, tr. Nicky Harman
Wheels are Round, by Xu Zechen, tr. Eric Abrahamsen
Squatting, by Diao Dou, tr. Brendan O'Kane
How to Look at Women, by Zhu Wen, tr. Julia Lovell