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Try looking at the MCLC list ( MCLC stands for Modern Chinese Literature and Culture. This resource center contains, among other things, bibliographies of mostly English-language materials on modern and contemporary Chinese literature, film, art, music, and culture and is maintained by Kirk A. Denton at the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, The Ohio State University, in conjunction with the journal Modern Chinese Literature and Culture. Send comments and suggestions for entries to The Center also publishes articles (see "Publications") and book reviews (see "Book Reviews"). Clicking the MCLC logo at the top of each page will return you to this page. Join the MCLC Discussion List (see "MCLC List" below). Donate money to support MCLC and the MCLC Resource Center. MCLC is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Earlier bibliographies of translated works include:
Louie, Kam and Louise Edwards (eds) Bibliography of English Translations and Critiques of Contemporary Chinese Fiction, 1945-1992. Taipei: Center for Chinese Studies, 1993.

Davidson, Martha, A List of Published Translations from Chinese into English, French, and German. Pt. I Literature, exclusive of Poetry. Ann Arbor: J.W Edwards, 1952. Pt. II, Poetry. New Haven: Far Eastern Publications, Yale, 1957.

Gibbs, Donald and Yun-chen Li, A Bibliography of Studies and Translations of Modern Chinese Literature, 1918-1942, Cambridge: Harvard University Asia Center, 1976. Web.(in Google Books)

Wang, Phyllis T. and Cathy Ch'iu (eds), Guide to Modern Chinese Poems in English Translation, 1917-1995. Taipei: Center for Chinese Studies, 1997.

Lopez, Manuel (ed.), Chinese Drama: an Annotated Bibiliography of Commentary, Criticism, and Plays in English Translation. Metuchen: Scarecrow Press, 1991.


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