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Sun Yisheng / Nicky Harman

Translations into English (books) 2012-2015

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Chinese to English translations (books) 2012-2015

This list is compiled from the annual lists that Nicky Harman and Helen Wang have been creating since 2012. For reasons of space it lists only books (not the very many individual short stories and poems published in many places). Further details of the authors, translators, titles and publishers are available on the Paper Republic database (look under the various categories: Author, Translator, Title, Publisher) - if you'd like to add/edit anything to the database, please contact one of the Paper Republic Contributors.

A Yi, A Perfect Crime, trans. Anna Holmwood (Oneworld, 2015)
Ai Mi, Under the Hawthorn Tree, trans. Anna Holmwood (Virago Press, 2012)
Alai, The Song of King Gesar, trans. Howard Goldblatt (Canongate Books Ltd, 2013)
Anni Baobei, The Road of Others, trans. Nicky Harman (Make Do Publishing, 2012)
Can Xue, The Last Lover, trans. Annelise Finegan Wasmoean (Yale University Press, 2014)
Chan Koonchung, The Unbearable Dreamworld of Champa the Driver, trans. Nicky Harman (Doubleday, 2014)
Chen Xiwo, The Book of Sins, by Chen Xiwo, trans. Nicky Harman (MakeDo Publishing, 2014)
Chew Kok Chang, Other Cities, Other Lives, trans. Shelly Bryant (Epigram Books, 2013)
Chi Zijian, Last Quarter of the Moon, trans. Bruce Humes (Harvill Secker, 2013)
Diao Dou, Points of Origin, trans. Brendan O'Kane (Comma Press, 2015)
Dung Kai-cheung, Atlas: The Archaeology of an Imaginary City, trans. Dung Kai-cheung, Bonnie McDougall and Anders Hansson (Columbia University Press, 2012)
Feng Tang, Beijing, Beijing, trans. Michelle Deeter (Amazon Crossing, 2015)
Gao Jianqun, Tongwan City, trans. Eric Mu (CN times Books, 2013)
Han Dong, The Tabby Cat's Tale, trans. Nicky Harman (Frisch & Co, 2014)
He Jiahong, Black Holes, trans. Emily Jones (Penguin China, 2014)
He Jiahong, Hanging Devils, trans. Duncan Hewitt (Penguin China/Australia, 2012)
Hon Lai Chu, The Kite Family, trans. Andrea Lingenfelter (Columbia University Press, 2015)
Lan Lan, Canyon in the Body, trans. Fiona Sze-Lorrain (Zephyr Press and Chinese University Press of Hong Kong (bilingual), 2013)
Lao Ma, Individuals - Flash Fiction, trans. Li Qisheng and Li Ping (MakeDo Publishing, 2015)
Lao She, Cat Country, trans. William A Lyell (Penguin Modern Classics, 2013)
Lao She, Mr Ma and Son, trans. William Dolby (Penguin Modern Classics, 2013)
Leung Ping-Kwan, Paper Cuts, trans. Brian Holton (Renditions, 2015)
Li Ang, The Lost Garden, trans. Sylvia Li-chun Lin with Howard Goldblatt (Columbia University Press, 2015)
Li Rui, Trees Without Wind: A Novel, trans. John Balcom (Columbia University Press, 2012)
Liao Yiwu, For a Song and a Hundred Songs: A Poet’s Journey Through a Chinese Prison, trans. Wenguang Huang (New Harvest Books, 2013)
Liu Cixin, The Dark Forest, trans. Joel Martinsen (Tor Books, 2015)
Liu Cixin, The Three Body Problem, trans. Ken Liu (Tor Books, 2014)
Liu Zhenyun, The Cook, The Crook, and the Real Estate Tycoon, trans. Sylvia Li-chun Lin and Howard Goldblatt (Arcade, 2015)
Lu Nei, Young Babylon, trans. Poppy Toland (Amazon Crossing, 2015)
Ma Yuan, No Sail on the Western Sea, trans. Tony Blishen (Better Link Press, 2015)
Mai Jia, Decoded, trans. Olivia Milburn and Christopher Payne (Allen Lane, 2014)
Mai Jia, In the Dark, trans. Christopher Payne and Olivia Milburn (Penguin UK, 2015)
Mo Yan, Frog, trans. Howard Goldblatt (Hamish Hamilton, 2014; Viking, 2015)
Mo Yan, Radish, trans. Howard Goldblatt (Penguin Special, 2015)
Mo Yan, Sandalwood Death, trans. Howard Goldblatt (University of Oklahomas Press, Jan 2013)
Murong, Leave Me Alone, Chengdu, trans. Harvey Thomlinson (Make-Do Publishing, 2014)
Murong, Dancing Through Red Dust, trans. Harvey Thomlinson (FortySix, 2015)
Ou Ning and Austin Woerner (eds), Chutzpah!: New Voices from China (University of Oklahoma Press, 2015)
Qiu Miaojin, Last Words from Montmartre, trans. Ari Larissa Heinrich (New York Review Books, 2014)
Sheng Keyi, Northern Girls, trans. Shelly Bryant (Penguin China/Australia, 2012)
Sheng Keyi, Death Fugue, trans. Shelly Bryant (Giramondo Publishing, 2014)
Josh Stenberg (ed.), Irina’s Hat: New Short Stories From China (Merwin Asia, 2013)
Su Wei-chen, Island of Silence, trans. Jeremy Tiang (Ethos Books, 2013)
Tao Yue, Shanghai Blue, trans. Tao Yue herself (World Editions, 2015)
Dorothy Tse, Snow and Shadow, trans. Nicky Harman (Muse, 2014)
Various, Shi Cheng: Short Stories from Urban China (Comma Press, 2012)
Wang Hongdu [17th c.], Every Rock a Universe: The Yellow Mountains and Chinese Travel Writing, trans. Jonathan Chaves (Floating World Editions, 2013)
Wang Xiaofang, The Civil Servant’s Notebook, trans. Eric Abrahamsen (Penguin China/Australia, 2012)
Wang Zhousheng, Memory and Oblivion, trans. Tony Blishen (Simon & Schuster, 2014)
Wong Yoon Wah, Durians Are Not The Only Fruit, trans. Jeremy Tiang (Epigram Books, 2013)
Wu Ming-yi, The Man With The Compound Eyes, trans. Darryl Sterk (Harvill Secker, 2013)
Xi Ni Er, The Earnest Mask, trans. Howard Goldblatt & Sylvia Li-chun Lin (Epigram Books, 2013)
Xiao Bai, French Concession, trans. Jiang Chenxin (Harper Collins, 2015)
Xu Lei, Search for the Buried Bomber, trans. Gabriel Ascher (AmazonCrossing, 2013)
Xu Zechen, Running Through Beijing, trans. Eric Abrahamsen (Two Lines Press, 2014)
Yan Ge, White Horse, trans. Nicky Harman (Hope Road Publishing, 2014)
Yan Geling, Flowers of War, trans. Nicky Harman (Chatto & Windus, 2012)
Yan Geling, Little Aunt Crane, trans. Esther Tyldesley (Harvill Secker, 2015)
Yan Lianke, Dream of Ding Village, trans. Cindy Carter (Constable, 2012)
Yan Lianke, Lenin's Kisses, trans. Carlos Rojas (Chatto & Windus, 2012)
Yan Lianke, Four Books, trans. Carlos Rojas (Grove, 2015)
Yan Lianke, Marrow, trans. Carlos Rojas (Penguin Special, 2015)
You Jin, Death by Perfume, trans. Jeremy Tiang (Epigram Books, 2015)
You Jin, In Time, Out of Place, trans. Shelly Bryant (Epigram Books, 2015)
Yu Hua, Boy in the Twilight: Stories of the Hidden China, trans. Allan H Barr (Pantheon, 2014)
Yu Hua, Seventh Day, trans. Allan Barr (Knopf, 2015)
Yu Qiuyu, The Book of Mountains and Rivers, trans. Jeremy Tiang (CN Times, 2015)
Zhang Yueran, Ten Loves, trans. Jeremy Tiang (Math Paper Press, 2013)
Zhu Wen, The Matchmaker, The Apprentice and The Football Fan, trans. Julia Lovell (Columbia University Press, 2013)

Fiction for Younger Readers
Cao Wenxuan, Bronze and Sunflower, trans. Helen Wang (Walker Books, 2015)
Cao Wenxuan, Legends of the Dawang Tome: The Amber Tiles, trans. Nicholas Richards (Daylight Publishing House, 2015)
Chang Ying-Tai, The Bear Whispers to Me, trans. Darryl Sterk (Balestier Press, 2015)
Gerelchimeg Blackcrane, Black Flame, trans. Anna Holmwood (Groundwood Books in association with Anansi Books, 2013)
Shen Shixi, Jackal and Wolf, trans. Helen Wang (Egmont UK, 2012)
Shen Shixi, The Red Milk Sheep, trans. Curtis Evans (Sweetafrica Publishers Pty, 2015)
Wu Meizhen, An Unusual Princess, trans. Petula Parris-Huang (Egmont UK, 2012)
Zhang Xinxin, Pai Hua Zi and the Clever Girl, trans. Helen Wang (itunes, 2012)

Bai Hua, Wind Says, trans. Fiona Sze-Lorrain (Zephyr Press/Chinese University Press of Hong Kong, 2013)
Han Dong, A Phone Call From Dalian, trans. Nicky Harman and others (Zephyr Press - Jintian series, 2012)
Han Dong, A Loud Noise, trans. Nicky Harman (Chinese University Press, 2014)
Hong Ying, I Too am Salammbo, trans. Mabel Lee (Vagabond Press, 2015)
Hsia Yu, Salsa, trans. Steve Bradbury (Zephyr Press, 2014)
Lan Lan, Canyon in the Body, trans. Fiona Sze-Lorrain (Zephyr Press, 2014)
Li Shangyin, Derangements of My Contemporaries, trans. Chloe Garcia-Roberts (New Directions, 2014)
Ling Yu, A Tree Planted in Summer, trans. Fiona Sze-Lorrain (Vif Editions, 2015)
Liu Waitong, Wandering Hong Kong with Spirits, trans. Desmond Sham (Zephyr Press, 2014)
Liu Xia, Empty Chairs, trans. Ming Di and Jennifer Stern (Graywolf, 2015)
Liu Xiaobo, June 4th Elegies, trans. Jeffrey Yang, (Graywolf Press, 2012)
Lo Fu, Stone Cell, trans. John Balcom (Zephyr Press - Jintian series, 2012)
Lu Yi, Sea Summit, trans. Fiona Sze-Lorrain (Milkweed, 2015)
Mang Ke, October Dedications, The Selected Poetry of Mang Ke, trans. Lucas Klein Zephyr Press, 2015)
Ouyang Jianghe, Doubled Shadows, trans. Austin Woerner (Zephyr Press - Jintian series, 2012)
Ouyang Jianghe, Phoenix, trans. Austin Woerner (Zephyr Press, 2014)
Stonehouse, The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse, trans. Red Pine (Copper Canyon, 2014)
Various, Jade Ladder: Contemporary Chinese Poetry, trans. W.N. Herbert, Yang Lian, Brian Holton and Qin Xiaoyu (Bloodaxe Books, 2012)
Wang An-Shih, Late Poems, trans. David Hinton (New Directions, 2015)
Wang Xiaoni, Something Crosses My Mind, trans. Eleanor Goodman (Zephyr Press, 2014)
Wu Yansheng, The Power of Enlightenment: Chinese Zen Poems, trans. Tony Blishen (Shanghai Press, 2014)
Xi Chuan, Notes on the Mosquito, Poems of Xi Chuan, trans. Lucas Klein (New Directions Publishing, 2012)
Xi Xi, Not Written Words, trans. Jennifer Feeley (Zephyr Press, 2015)
Xiang Yang, Grass Roots, trans. John Balcom (Zephyr Press, 2014)
Xiao Hai, Song of Shadows, trans. Zhu Yu (Restless Books, 2014)
Xue Di, Across Borders, trans. Alison Friedman (Green Integer, 2014)
Ye Mimi, His Days Go By the Way Her Years, trans. Steve Bradbury (Anomalous Press, 2014)
Yu Xiang, I Can Almost See the Clouds of Dust, trans. Fiona Sze-Lorrain (Zephyr Press/Chinese University Press of Hong Kong, 2013)
Zhai Yongming, The Changing Room, trans. Andrea Lingenfelter (Zephyr Press - Jintian series, 2012)
Zhang Zao, Mirror, trans. Fiona Sze-Lorrain (Zephyr Press, 2015)

Han Han, This Generation: Dispatches from China's Most Popular Literary Star (and Race Car Driver), trans. Allan Barr (Simon & Schuster, 2012)
Han Han, 1988: I Want To Talk with the World, trans. Howard Goldblatt (Amazon Crossing, 2015)
He Huaihong, Social Ethics in a Changing China - Moral Decay or Ethical Awakening?, trans. Philip Hand (Brookings Institution Press, 2015)
Yang Mu, Memories of Mount Qilai, trans. John Balcom and Yingtsih Balcom (Columbia University Press, 2015)
Xu Zhiyuan, Paper Tiger, trans. Michelle Deeter and Nicky Harman (Head of Zeus, 2015)
Yu Qiuyu, The Chinese Literary Canon, trans. Philip Hand (CN Times, 2015)
Zhang Jianfeng, A Journey to Inner Peace and Joy: Tracing Contemporary Chinese Hermits, trans. Tony Blishen (Better Link Press, 2015)


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