Paper Republic: Chinese Literature Matters

Pathlight Issue Winter 2012

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Mo Yan

  • Nobel Lecture
  • Mo Yan: A Date with the Master
  • An Interview with Mo Yan
  • Qiu Huadong: Rural Raconteur
  • Timeline of Achievements


  • Shi Zhanjun: A Tale of Many Cities


  • Deng Yiguang: Shenzhen is Located at 22°27’-22°52’ N
  • Xiao Hang: The Gift
  • Pan Xiangli: A Miraculous Sleigh Ride
  • Xu Yigua: How to Grow Bananas
  • Wang Shou: Death of a Playboy
  • Han Song: The Last Subway
  • Zhang Yiwei: Only Later
  • Xue Yiwei: The Taxi Driver
  • Dung Kai-cheung: Windows 98 and South Park


  • Tai Kuang: Watching the Sunset from the World Trade Center, What do you need to build a skyscraper?, Rain Traffic Jam
  • Zhu Ling: World Map, The Intersection of Nanjing Rd. and Beijing Rd.
  • Ou Ning: Lost and Regained, Empty City, San Yuan Li
  • Wang Yin: White Sea, Time of Flowers, The Scent of Autumn, No. 9 New Continental Village
  • Wang Xiaolong: Men Must Also Give Birth Once, Surgical Ward, The Taxi Always Comes at the Moment of Despair, A Surplus Economy
  • Yangzi: As Night Fell, It Started Raining, Yellow Flowers Beneath the Overpass
  • Huang Jinming: A Corner of Milky Way Park, In Pearl Square, A Building’s History of Collapse
  • Yao Feng: Amsterdam, Early Morning in Rio de Janeiro, Breakfast at Lisboa, Pattaya, Joyous Pavilion
  • Liao Weitang: Minibus 9, Aubade, Ballad of Queen’s Pier, Written in Fog, A Song of Departure for the Pearl River Delta, Summer 2012, Hong Kong Rain
  • Yang Xiaobin: The Dude Sonnet, Female Bank Monogatari, A lively weekend in the underpass, A Boutique Called Hustler