Paper Republic: Chinese Literature Matters

Pathlight Issue Winter 2011

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Feature: 8th Mao Dun Literature Prize

  • Zhang Wei: 'You Are on the Highland'
  • Liu Xinglong: 'Holy Heaven’s Gate'
  • Liu Zhenyun: 'A Word is Worth Ten Thousand Words'

Fiction / Non-Fiction

  • Jiang Yitan: 'China Story’
  • Di An: 'Williams’ Tomb’
  • Qi Ge: 'The Sugar Blower’
  • Xiang Zuotie: 'A Rare Steed for the Martial Emperor’ and ‘Raising Whales’
  • Li Juan: 'The Winter of 2009’ and ‘The Road to Weeping Spring’


  • Lei Pingyang: Prayer-Poem on Mt. Jinuo, White Herons, Keeping a Cat, Going Home for a Funeral, The Myna Bird Asks a Question, Collectivist Insect Calls, and Abandoned City
  • Hou Ma: Bloodsucking Rapture, Subway, Li Hong’s Kiss and A Wolf? In Sheep’s Clothing?
  • Sun Lei: Travel
  • Yu Xiang : Sunlight Shines Where It’s Needed, My House, They, A Gust of Wind, Low Key, It Goes Without Saying, Holy Front and Street
  • Wong Leung Wo: At Midnight, I See Your Shoes in the Bathroom, Father, This is the Last Day, The Story of Santa and I Thought We Wouldn’t Meet Again
  • Xi Chuan: The Body and History, Ill Fortune H 00325, Looking at the Mural in the Ruicheng Temple of Eternal Joy and Dragon

Editor’s Pick

  • Li Er: ‘Stephen’s Back’