Paper Republic: Chinese Literature Matters

Pathlight Issue Summer 2012

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  • Wang Anyi: 'Dark Alley'
  • Jia Pingwa: 'The Hunter'
  • Medrol: 'Contract with the Gods'
  • Mai Jia: 'A Voice from the Beyond'
  • Ge Fei: 'Mona Lisa's Smile'
  • Zhou Daxin: 'Golden Fields of Wheat'
  • Fang Fang: 'Yan Wu'
  • Anni Baobei: 'Qizhao: Lonely Island'
  • Lu Min: 'Hidden Diseases'
  • Wei Wei: 'George's Book'
  • Guo Wenbin: 'Blessings of Good Fortune'
  • A Yi: 'Common People'


  • Yu Jian: 'Elephant', 'Hometown', 'Executing Saddam', 'Incident: Wind', 'The road I chose… still led to sunset and the trees', 'Terrorists', 'Unspeakable Fear and Longing'
  • Pan Wei: 'Dingjiaqiao Village', 'Moonlight'
  • Tian He: 'Going Home', 'Wet Nurse', 'Brothers Divide the Household', 'Tonight's Moon', 'The Setting Sun', 'Earthenware'
  • Wang Xiaoni: 'Moonlight is Extremely White', 'Thinking This, Then Thinking That', 'Those I Don't Know I Don't Want to Know', 'Early Morning','Starting Anew as a Poet'