Pathlight Issue 2012-2

Issue 2012-2 of Pathlight magazine is now out! Pathlight is published by People's Literature magazine and Paper Republic, and features short stories and poems by contemporary Chinese authors. The magazine can be purchased in bookstores in China, or downloaded as a free e-book in two formats:

This issue's table of contents:


  • Wang Anyi: 'Dark Alley'
  • Jia Pingwa: 'The Hunter'
  • Medrol: 'Contract with the Gods'
  • Mai Jia: 'A Voice from the Beyond'
  • Ge Fei: 'Mona Lisa's Smile'
  • Zhou Daxin: 'Golden Fields of Wheat'
  • Fang Fang: 'Yan Wu'
  • Anni Baobei: 'Qizhao: Lonely Island'
  • Lu Min: 'Hidden Diseases'
  • Wei Wei: 'George's Book'
  • Guo Wenbin: 'Blessings of Good Fortune'
  • A Yi: 'Common People'


  • Yu Jian: 'Elephant', 'Hometown', 'Executing Saddam', 'Incident: Wind', 'The road I chose… still led to sunset and the trees', 'Terrorists', 'Unspeakable Fear and Longing'
  • Pan Wei: 'Dingjiaqiao Village', 'Moonlight'
  • Tian He: 'Going Home', 'Wet Nurse', 'Brothers Divide the Household', 'Tonight's Moon', 'The Setting Sun', 'Earthenware'
  • Wang Xiaoni: 'Moonlight is Extremely White', 'Thinking This, Then Thinking That', 'Those I Don't Know I Don't Want to Know', 'Early Morning','Starting Anew as a Poet'