“You’re stepping on my shadow, please back off,” she said.

Sun Yisheng / Nicky Harman

The Chinese are Bummed

Title: The Chinese are Bummed (郁闷的中国人)
Author: Liang Xiaosheng (梁晓声)
Publisher: Guangming Daily Publishing House (光明日报出版社)
Publication Date: March 2012

If China is Unhappy was China's complaint about the behavior of other countries, then this book is a complaint by the Chinese, aimed at the Chinese themselves. The author Liang Xiaosheng dissects a series of "bummer" incidents in recent years, grumbling about them roundly. Just looking at the chapter titles, practically essays in themselves, gives a sense of the contents: "Popular Outrage is a Key Element of the 'Designs of the Elite'", "Cultural Revisionism Alone Won't Quell the Anger of the Masses", "Will Peasants Who Have Lost Their Land Ever Find the Truth?", "Why are We So Exhausted?", etc. This book has already begun to appear on best-seller lists.

The Chinese are Bummed is a bit of a departure for Liang Xiaosheng, the well-respected author of novels such as Floating City, Confessions of a Red Guard and Snow Town.