“You’re stepping on my shadow, please back off,” she said.

Sun Yisheng / Nicky Harman

China Publishing News: 04/22

The China Publishing Industry Newsletter is a monthly mailing on new happenings in the Chinese literary and publishing scenes. It is edited by Bruce Humes .


“March 15 Baidu Affair”: Any Winners?

To mark Consumers’ Rights Day on March 15, a virtual who’s who of China’s publishing world—more than 40 well-known authors and publishers—signed a fiery open letter ( 全中文版 ) accusing Baidu.com (百度) of stealing their works by permitting them to be downloaded for free from its book-sharing platform, Baidu Wenku ( 百度文库 ).


The Tao of Global Management: Time for Chinese to Have their Say?

During the early 1990s I recall chairing monthly editorial meetings for a Chinese-language management magazine, Chief Executive China , in Shenzhen. Which white, male, Western face did the staff want on the cover this month?

Been to a bookstore in a major airport in the PRC of late? Business magazines and books are now much more likely to sport a Chinese role model than an American or occasional Japanese CEO. Western management gurus are still given face time, but they are no longer the last word.

Upcoming Events

PEN World Voices Festival of Int’l Literature (New York, April 28)

China In Two Acts : New Yorker contributor Zha Jianying will make a 30-minute presentation on the political order and cultural forces shaping China. A panel of journalists/writers will join her for debate. They include: Ian Buruma, Yan Lianke , Linda Polman, David Rieff and Liao Yiwu .

BookExpo America (New York, May 23-6)

There will be over 40 Chinese publishing-related firms exhibiting at the show , but the vast majority can be found at booth 3605. Among those represented there will be the industry’s government supervisory body known as GAPP (General Administration of Press and Publication), Economic Science Press, Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, Phoenix Education Publishing, Suzhou University Press and Xinjiang Fine Arts Publishing House.

Industry Trends

Synergy at Work: Hard Copy & Video

Best-selling novel drives interest in the movie adaptation, and the movie spurs sales of the original book—a business model long popular in the West.

If you can manage to publish a series of books around a single theme in time for a successful movie premiere based on the series, all of the books are likely to see a big spike in sales. In China, this is precisely what happened with the Du Lala trilogy about a young white-collar heroine’s struggle to succeed in a multinational, and the movie entitled Go Lala Go (杜拉拉升职记).


Wang Gang (王刚), author of English and the newly released Curse of Forbes (福布斯咒语) , has just recently completed a stay at the Ledig House , an international writer’s residence in Omi, New York. He is represented by the Joanne Wang Agency ( jwang2156@yahoo.com ).

A new interview by China Daily with novelist Chi Li (池莉), author of Apart from Love as well as several works now translated into the French, such as Prémeditations , at Actes Sud .

New Books

Yingwa’s Tales for Children

This is a collection of five volumes of tales for young children from Yingwa, three-time winner of the Bing Xin Prize for Children’s Literature .

Mr and Mrs Gao's Countryside Life in Wuyuan

Are you ready for the Chinese version of Toujours Provence ? That’s how the critics are describing Countryside Life , an online diary—and now a fully illustrated book—documenting a citified couple’s encounters in rural China.

Era of the Naked Marriage

“Naked marriage” refers to a radical concept of marriage popular among China’s “post-80s generation” (i.e., those born during the 1980s) based on what’s lacking in the union: No savings, no housing, no car, no diamond ring, no wedding ceremony and no honeymoon.

Ms. Su's Marriage

A new collection of short stories from the author of the best-selling novel Dwelling Narrowness (蜗居), that portrayed the frustrations of China’s emerging class of urban “mortgage slaves.” It became a controversial TV series in 2009 as well.

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