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China Publishing News: 01/17

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Contemporary Chinese Writers with a “Social Conscience”

It could be an omen of things to come: on December 22 last year the doyen of Chinese investigative journalism, Liu Binyan (刘宾雁), was finally laid to rest at a funeral in Beijing attended by Hu Shuli (胡舒立), controversial former editor of Caijing (财经), the weekly once known for its own high-profile exposés. Liu died five years ago in exile in the US, and only now has he been allowed back on Chinese soil.

Book News

2010 Chinese Fiction: Media Favorites & Market Best-sellers

Market success in China—or kind words for a work of fiction from local critics—are far from a guarantee of popularity overseas, if and when a Chinese novel is published in another language. Nonetheless, they are good indicators of popularity among readers and the publishing industry here, and a handful are already being marketed in the West. But unless you read Chinese, you would miss out on this market intelligence.

New Books

Snow Raven

Set in erstwhile Manchuria (Harbin) in 1910 during an epidemic of pneumonic plague, a catastrophe that wiped out sixty thousand lives. The story is told from the points of view of a Chinese hotel owner, his wife and concubine, an ex-prostitute sold into a unhappy marriage, a Manchurian eunuch, a White Russian diva, a Japanese businessman bent on seizing the market, a righteous local gentleman, and the Chinese doctor sent to save the city.


Chinese Internet Literature Festival Awards

Shanda Interactive ’s dominance in China’s online literature platforms looks set to continue, as its Jinjiang Wenxuecheng (晋 江文学城) has been awarded “Best Online Literature Web Site of 2010” by China International Copyright Expo (中国版权博览会). Major sites such as Sina.com (新浪), Hongxiu Tianxiang (红袖添 香) and Sohu Book (搜狐读书) also took part in the 3 rd Annual Chinese Internet Literature Festival held in late 2010.

Guo Jingming’s New “LitLite” Magazines Hit the Newsstand

In stark contrast to controversial Han Han—whose Choir of Soloists was aborted after just one issue—Guo Jing-Ming has just launched two more magazines aimed at youthful readers. ZUI Found (文艺风赏) and Wenyi Fengxiang (文艺风象) are bundled and sell for 25rmb (US$3.75). Launched in 2006, the writer-turned-publisher’s Top Novel (最小说), has long been a major revenue earner.

Jia Pingwa’s “Ancient Kiln”: Heating up the Electronic vs. Hard Copy Copyright Debate

Having spent four years bringing his Cultural Revolution novel Ancient Kiln ( 古炉 ) to fruition, master novelist Jia Pingwa (贾平凹) no doubt expected to find his prose in the limelight once again. After all, he won the prestigious Mao Dun Literary Award for Qinqiang (秦腔) in 2008, and the 16-year ban on his Ruined Capital (废都) has been lifted.

Chinese Children’s Lit: Yang Hongying Inc?

The 8 th National Children’s Literature Awards were recently announced by the Chinese Writers Association, chosen from 350 titles published in the PRC during 2007-9.

Some 20 titles in nine categories were decorated ( 中文链接 ), and not one of them was penned by Yang Hongying (杨红樱). If that strikes you as unexceptional, consider these facts about China’s highest-profile children’s writer:

Chinese Novels + Movie Tie-ins: More on the Menu for 2011?

Zhang Ling’s moving novel about the 1976 Tangshan earthquake, Aftershocks ( 余震 ), has found a buyer in Japan: Kadokawa Shoten (角 川书店), according to Gray Tan at Grayhawk Agency .

Upcoming Events: March

March Literary Events

The Shanghai Literary Festival (Mar 4-19) will host many well-known authors who write about China, but—to date—just a handful of Chinese authors such as Hong Ying ( Death in Shanghai ) are scheduled. English-language writers include Jeffrey Wasserstrom ( China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know ), Peter Hessler ( Country Driving ), Leslie T. Chang ( Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China ) and Qiu Xiao Long (the Chen series of mysteries). Here’s the list of speakers .

Beijing International Book Fair


The exhibition area includes Hall E1, Hall E2, Hall W1 and Hall W2 of the China International Exhibition Centre (New Venue). Hall E2 is for overseas exhibitors including the Country of Honour and publishers from Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau; while Hall E1 is for Book Publishers from Mainland China.

Welcome to the 2011BIBF Digital Publishing Zone

The 18th Beijing International Book Fair will feature a 5,000-square-meter “Digital Publishing Zone”, giving overseas exhibitors a chance to learn about Chinese digital publishing first-hand, and helping them discover and profit by the many opportunities of China's digital publishing market.

Hotel Reservation and Shuttle Bus Service

BIBF offers five hotel reservation services for the exhibitors’ convenience. The four hotels that are located downtown are Kempinski Hotel (Five Stars), Radisson BLU Hotel (Four Stars), CTS Plaza (Four Stars) and Great Hotel (Three Stars); and Crowne Plaza International Airport Beijing which is the closest one to the China International Exhibition Center (New Venue). Besides, BIBF offers shuttle bus from the five hotels to the China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) every day.

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