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China Publishing Industry Newsletter: March 2012

The China Publishing Industry Newsletter is a monthly mailing on new happenings in the Chinese literary and publishing scenes. It is edited by Eric Abrahamsen .

Upcoming Events

London Book Fair (Apr 16-18)

China will be the Market Focus for this year's London Book Fair; we'll be sending out a special edition of the newsletter in a week or so with Fair-specific news. Stay tuned!

Industry News

GAPP Document May Mean Controls on Copyright Imports

China's General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) continues its drive to develop China's publishing industry abroad, most clearly stated in a publication known as "Document One" ( 一号文件 ) which appeared this January. Document One lays out in more detail China's general "Going Out" policy for publishing, including:

Bookworm Talk—Future of Publishing

The last event of every Bookworm Literary Festival is generally focused on the future, and the closing event of this year's festival, held March 23, was called "New, Now, Next—A Discussion on E-Publishing in China and Abroad". There were three participants: Jo Lusby of Penguin, Scarlet He of Founder/Apabi (which provides digital publishing technology and services to ...

New Restrictions on Publishing "Official Corruption" Novels

First, a word of background on the censorship system in China. Government control happens at two stages, pre- and post-publication. Prior to publishing a book, a publishing house must submit a book proposal to the General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) before it is granted an ISBN. After publication, books may be subject to random inspections of quality, editing ...

Government Support for China's Privately-Owned Bookstores

Only at the end of 2011, when the Apodon ( 光合作用 ) bookstore chain, one of the largest privately-owned chains in the country, shut down practically overnight, did the difficulties facing privately-owned bookstores become a topic of public discussion.

At the "Two Meetings" political conference which took place in early March, the writer Zhang Kangkang (who is a member of the People ...

China's Expansion into Africa Now Includes Publishing

On March 30 the China International Publishing Group (CIPG) founded the ChinaAfrica Media and Publishing Ltd. corporation in South Africa. ChinAfrica is named for a new magazine of the same name, and both magazine and corporation are a part of China's Beijing Weekly magazine, owned by CIPG. This is the first time a Chinese print media company has established ...

New Books

It Ain't Easy, Being a Cop

This is the story of a "little person", a low-level cop named Mai who is caught up in storms and tides beyond his control. The novel touches on hot-button social topics like forced evictions, the ...

Little Beijing Beasts

This is Lu Yao's third book, but first novel. It is the story of Li Xiaolu, who arrives in Beijing from a county capital, hoping to escape a life "whose conclusion she can see from here." After getting ...

The Chinese are Bummed

If China is Unhappy was China's complaint about the behavior of other countries, then this book is a complaint by the Chinese, aimed at the Chinese themselves. The author Liang Xiaosheng dissects a series of "bummer" incidents in recent ...

Storm-Tossed Memories

This book, edited by one of China's foremost poets, is a collection of memoirs from eighteen individuals who were students at Beijing's Fourth Middle School at the outbreak of the Cultural Revolution. Contributors include Bei Dao himself ...

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