“You’re stepping on my shadow, please back off,” she said.

Sun Yisheng / Nicky Harman

China Publishing Industry Newsletter: February 2012

The China Publishing Industry Newsletter is a monthly mailing on new happenings in the Chinese literary and publishing scenes. It is edited by Eric Abrahamsen .


Digital Publishing in China: Lay of the Land

The following is meant to be a high-level overview of the companies and government bodies involved in digital publishing in China. Though it's a bit of a jawbreaker, we hope it will be useful as an orientation guide.

Industry News

Writers Alliance Ups the Lawsuit Ante

In January of this year, the Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court accepted a lawsuit brought by the "China Writers Alliance" against Apple, alleging rights infringement in Apple's App Store. On February 22 another group of writers joined the original group—which includes such figures as Han Han, Mai Jia, and Murong Xuecun—bringing the number of plaintiffs ...

The Cambridge China Library

Representatives of Cambridge University Press and the China International Publishing Group met in Beijing on February 15 to discuss the progress of the " Cambridge China Library ".

The Cambridge China Library project originated during the 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair, where China was Guest of Honor, and is being funded by the China Book International (CBI) program, with additional translation funding from ...


Pathlight Issue 2

The second issue of Pathlight magazine , an English-language magazine of new Chinese fiction produced by Paper Republic and People's Literature magazine, will be published March 12th. Issue 2 is themed around Chinese writers who will be attending the upcoming London Book Fair . It will also be the first issue to be available in e-book format. See ...

New Books

What Do I Do Next?

This 60,000 character work (called "A Yi's first novel" by the publisher) was originally titled Cat and Mouse —it took a full year to go from completion to publication. shedding 40,000 characters and obtaining a new name ...

The Tree on the Roof

The Tree on the Roof the third short story collection by post-70s writer Cao Kou, mostly focused on figures on the underside of Chinese society. Cao Kou's style is realism taken to gently absurd extremes, as evident in his story titles ...


The newest novel from Wang Gang, whose English was published by Penguin in 2009, describes a lecturer who's just begun a new job in a university. The novel presents a panorama of the modern Chinese educational system, including its organization structures, teacher-student relationships, and ...

Man in the Clouds

At the turn of the century, the soon-to-graduate college student Xia Xiaofan goes on a search for his long-lost flame "Xiao Bai", in the process passing through a wide and varied slice of society. His youth, confusion and fear—as well as his ...

Upcoming Events

The Bookworm International Literary Festival (March 9-23, 2012)

The Beijing Bookworm continues its yearly literary festival , with more big international names than ever. Gary Shteyngart, author of Absurdistan and Super Sad True Love Story , is probably the biggest headliner, but it's two weeks of fascinating events, from Yu Hua talking about his book China in Ten Words , to Jon Campbell discussing the history of rock in China ...

The Shanghai International Literary Festival (March 2-18, 2012)

The Shanghai International Literary Festival , sponsored by M on the Bund, is holding events in both Shanghai and Beijing this month. Writers trend slightly more foreign than the participants at the Bookworm festival, and include such names as Edward P. Jones (leading a fiction writing class), Amy Tan and Matt Groening. See all the writers on their website , or download ...

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