“You’re stepping on my shadow, please back off,” she said.

Sun Yisheng / Nicky Harman

China Publishing Industry Newsletter: 07/20

The China Publishing Industry Newsletter is a monthly mailing on new happenings in the Chinese literary and publishing scenes. It is edited by Bruce Humes .

Statement from Jo Lusby, Managing Director of Penguin China

Penguin China's managing director Jo Lusby was recently interviewed by Li Jihong ( 李继宏 ) for Shanghai's Oriental Daily ( 东方早报 ), who asked her about how Penguin goes about choosing Chinese books for translation and publication in the West. Paper Republic got into the act with Buying Chinese Fiction: Penguin's Strategy , in which ...

NEA Translation Grant for Xu Zechen's Running Through Zhongguancun

On July 21st the US National Endowment for the Arts released their list of 2012 NEA Translation Fellows , a list of 16 translation projects receiving funding of $12,500. Of the 16 projects only one was from the Chinese: Eric Abrahamsen 's translation of Xu Zechen 's novel Running Through Zhongguancun .

Untranslated Novel: The Great Shaman's Golden Ram Chariot

The Great Shaman’s Golden Ram Chariot

This fascinating exploration of Mongolian shamanism comes onto the Chinese market at a time when fiction with an “ethnic” twist is very much in vogue. The Great Shaman’s Golden Ram Chariot ( 大萨满之金羊车 ) by Guo Xuebo ( 郭雪波 ) stands out on several counts, however.

On the best-seller charts for three years now, The Tibet ...

New Books


All featured books were published recently in Chinese. E-mail addresses in brackets indicate the business contact for inquiries concerning overseas copyrights. The Chinese titles are authoritative as English titles are just our (attempts at) translation.

Chinese Society & Fictionalized Reportage

The Woman Surnamed Liu (< 刘氏女 >) is a hard-hitting novel about prison life by Zhang Yihe ( 章诒和 ), a ...


Foreign Books Translated into Chinese

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan ( 雪花和秘密的扇子 ), Lisa See’s 2005 novel about two women in rural Hunan in the nineteenth century, is scheduled to be jointly published by People’s Literature Publishing and 99read.com in July. The novel is translated from the English by Xin Yuanjie ( 忻元洁 ). “The two girls experience the painful ...

Upcoming Events

Hong Kong Book Fair (July 20-26)

Plenty of literary happenings during July 20-25. For a full list, see All Events . Some of the more interesting ones to be held in English or with simultaneous interpretation:

July Round-up

July Round-up


That’s how the month began as the Communist Party celebrated its 90th Anniversary on July 1st, and media of all sorts—including the publishing industry—bombarded the PRC citizenry with every sort of historically correct mind food.

Available in time for the anniversary were some 170 newly published illustrated ‘red classics’, many from China Arts Publishing ...

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