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The Real Story of Ah-Q and Other Tales of China

Translated by Julia Lovell, from works by Lu Xun

Outcry – Contents:

Diary of a Madman from 狂人日记
Kong Yiji from 孔乙己
Medicine from
Tomorrow from 明天
A Minor Incident from 一件小事
Hair from 头发的故事
A Passing Storm from 风波
My Old Home from 故乡
The Real Story of Ah-Q from 啊Q正传
Dragon Boat Festival from 端午节
The White Light from 白光
A Cat Among the Rabbits from 兔和猫
A Comedy of Ducks from 鸭的喜剧
Village Opera from 社戏

Hesitation – Contents:

New Year's Sacrifice from 祝福
Upstairs in the Tavern from 在酒楼上
A Happy Family from 幸福的家庭
Soap from 肥皂
The Lamp of Eternity from 长明灯
A Public Example from 示众
Our Learned Friend from 高老夫子
The Loner from 孤独者
In Memoriam from 伤逝
Brothers from 弟兄
The Divorce from 离婚

Old Stories Retold – Contents:

Mending Heaven from 补天
Flight to the Moon from 奔月
Taming the Floods from 理水
Gathering Ferns from 采薇
Forging the Swords from 铸剑
Leaving the Pass from 出关
Anti-Aggression from 非攻
Bringing Back the Dead from 起死