“You’re stepping on my shadow, please back off,” she said.

Sun Yisheng / Nicky Harman

Loud Sparrows: Contemporary Chinese Short-Shorts


Loud Sparrows: Contemporary Chinese Short-Shorts

Columbia University Press, (US)

Jan. 2006


A Lover's Eartr. Howard Goldblattfrom 掏耳朵by Yuan Ch'iung-ch'iung (Qiongqiong)
Mothballstr. Julie Chiufrom 樟脑by Chen Kehua
A Shaved Headtr. Aili Mufrom 光头by Wang Meng
Lovertr. Julie Chiufrom 爱人by Chen Kehua
Losing the Feettr. unknownfrom 失足by Zhong Jufang
Fadtr. unknownfrom 新潮by Zhang Zheng
Wrong Numbertr. unknownfrom 打错了by Liu Yichang
Learning to Talktr. unknownfrom 学话by Wang Meng
A Seattr. unknownfrom 位子by Liu Guofang
Self-Murdertr. Aili Mufrom 谋杀自己by Cai Nan
Last Stop, Mongkoktr. Julie Chiufrom 最后一站旺角by Che Zhengxuan
Partingtr. unknownfrom 别情by Wang Kuishan
The Beattr. unknownfrom 节拍by Liu Xinwu
"Left" with No Chancetr. unknownfrom "左"失良机by Chang Gang
Sunday Morningtr. unknownfrom 星期日的早晨by Xi Xi
Jailbreaktr. unknownfrom 逃狱by Ku Ling
A Cup of Teatr. unknownfrom 倒茶by Yu Yingmao
In the Haystacktr. unknownfrom 莜麦秸窝里by Cao Naiqian
风雪夜归tr. unknownfrom 风雪夜归by He Weiping
Tied Together by Fatetr. unknownfrom 命定相随的联系by Chen Huiying
The Busy Secretarytr. unknownfrom 秘书忙by Zhan Jing
Cloth Shoestr. unknownfrom 布鞋by Ah Cheng
Promotion Reporttr. unknownfrom 提升报告by Chen Hengchu
Purchase Request for a Kettletr. unknownfrom 关于申请添购一把铁壶的报告by Chen Hengchu
A Capable Man Can't Handle a Small Casetr. unknownfrom 能人难断小案件by Liu Jing
Earstr. unknownfrom 耳朵by Sun Xuemin
What's Up, Lao Cao?tr. unknownfrom 老曹你好by Chen Shixu
Generaltr. unknownfrom 将军by Liu Jianchao
Number Eighttr. unknownfrom 第八个by Wu Yimin
Observetr. unknownfrom 观察by Ah Cheng
Confinementtr. unknownfrom 困围by Yuan Bingfa
Here's How the Flu Spreadstr. unknownfrom 感冒是这样流行的by Qin Yong
The Upholder of Unitytr. unknownfrom 团结by Wang Meng
A Tailtr. unknownfrom 尾巴by Wang Zengqi
Black Hen, White Hentr. unknownfrom 黑鸡白鸡by Ji Dongliang
My One Comment Too Manytr. unknownfrom 俺就多说了一句话by Yi Ming
Gan Xiaocao's Bamboo Poletr. unknownfrom 甘小草的竹竿by Deng Hongwei
Right to the Heart of the Mattertr. unknownfrom 越说越对by Wang Meng
Sexual Harrassmenttr. unknownfrom 性骚扰by Sylvia Li-chun Lin
Bed-Wettingtr. unknownfrom 尿炕by Zhang Jishu
The Principle of Reboundtr. unknownfrom 反弹原理by Xu Haiwei
Accidental Confidantetr. unknownfrom 知音遍地by Bai Xiaoyi
Matching Setstr. unknownfrom 配套by Wei Jinshu
Hometr. unknownfrom by Xiu Xiangming
Rendez-voustr. unknownfrom by Si Li
Cattr. unknownfrom by Yuan Ch'iung-ch'iung (Qiongqiong)
Petstr. unknownfrom 宠物by Ah Cheng
Sea Turtletr. unknownfrom 海龟by Zhang Kangkang
Fliestr. unknownfrom 苍蝇by Yuan Ch'iung-ch'iung (Qiongqiong)
The Crow and the Foxtr. unknownfrom 乌鸦和狐狸的故事by Liang Dazhi
Waiting for a Windfalltr. unknownfrom 守株待兔之前后by Wang Yanyan
Little Stray Cattr. unknownfrom 小野猫by Zhong Ling
Divisiontr. unknownfrom 除法by Zhou Rui
Postcardstr. unknownfrom 明信片by Ye Si (Leung Ping-kwan)
The Cycletr. unknownfrom 周转by Ah Cheng
Black Umbrellatr. Yi Ruofenfrom 黑雨伞by Yi Ruofen
Small-Hands Chentr. unknownfrom 陈小手by Wang Zengqi
It Was the Pumpkin That Brought Me Heretr. unknownfrom 南瓜载我来的by Luo Feng
In-Lawtr. unknownfrom 亲家by Cao Naiqian
Elopetr. unknownfrom 私奔by Fu Aimao
Frenchietr. unknownfrom 法国人by Ai Ya
Hickeytr. unknownfrom 吻痕by Ku Ling
Horse Talktr. unknownfrom 马语by Mo Yan
A Family Catastrophetr. unknownfrom 家变by Ku Ling