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China Fiction Book Club in London

By Yu Yan Chen

China Fiction Book Club is a gathering of kindred spirits bonded together by the love for Chinese language and literature. Over tea and snacks, members meet about once every two months to translate a piece of contemporary Chinese literature into English. Our first meeting in autumn 2010 took place at an elegant café near SOAS, but our next meeting on 16 March from 6:00 to 8:00 will be held at RADA.


By Nicky Harman, February 25 '11, 4:41a.m.

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Beijing Literary Events for Feb-March 2011

Some upcoming literary events in Beijing:

【Culture Program】 “2010, On the Poetic Power of Maras” Series 6: A Poetry Reading

Date: February 26, 2011 16:00-18:00
Guest: Waitong Liu and friends
Location: Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), 798 Art District
In Chinese. Free entry.

In this, the final session of the “On the Poetic Power of Maras” series, moderator Waitong Liu and his friends will read and discuss his new poetry, accompanied by music and images: a fun musical jam and special slide show.

Bookworm International Literary Festival, 2011
Dates: March 4-18, 2011
Locations: various

By Cindy M. Carter, February 24 '11, 3:27a.m.

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From Award-winning author attacks censors for 'castrating' creativity

Popular novelist Murong Xuecun says the mainland's draconian censorship has driven him to his wit's end.

The 37-year-old author, known for his dark humour, launched a scathing attack on the mainland's literary censorship in a lunchtime speech at the Foreign Correspondent's Club yesterday, blaming it for quashing writers' creativity and sabotaging the Chinese language.


By Cindy M. Carter, February 23 '11, 6:47a.m.

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Asymptote: New Online Journal of Literature and Art in Translation

The official announcement of Asymptote's first issue:

The inaugural issue of ASYMPTOTE is now out and features original essays by Mary Gaitskill and Alain de Botton, fiction by Thomas Bernhard and Yoram Kaniuk, poems by Aimé Césaire, Ko Un, Gleb Shulpyakov, Pura López-Colomé and Habib Tengour; drama by Toshiki Okada; visual poetry from Iceland (on video) and Japan; a Swedish Poetry Special Feature, a recreation of one day in the life of Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu, an interview with Francis Li Zhuoxiong(2010 World Cup songwriter) and more.


By Canaan Morse, February 15 '11, 12:23a.m.

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Quality Non–Fiction in the Digital Age, Amsterdam Conference 2011

Fish out of water? Lone voice crying in the wilderness? (well, alright, in the Quality Non–Fiction in the Digital Age conference). At the start, I was a little unsure about what role I, as the sole translator–speaker, was going to play at a conference largely attended by international publishers. Though I wasn’t the only one of a kind. There was a philosopher, Jos de Mul, reminding us that the invention of writing in the New Stone Age was just a way of outsourcing memory! And computers in the New New Stone Age (that’s now) are a way of outsourcing thinking…


By Nicky Harman, February 1 '11, 8:41a.m.

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