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Event: Chun Shu talks about her new book

Next Tuesday (June 29) Chun Shu will be giving a talk at the Trends Lounge in Beijing about her new book, Light Year American Dream, as part of the Trends Lounge's Cosmo Women's Reading Salon series.

Time: June 29 (Tuesday), 7-9pm Venue: Trends Lounge, 2F The Place (世贸天地), Beijing
Phone: 010 6587 1999

By Eric Abrahamsen, June 23 '10, 10:14p.m.

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Julia Lovell on Lu Xun

"With the PRC now in its swaggering 60s, I would prescribe – to counter the excesses of Beijing bombast – a stiff dose of Lu Xun", Julia concludes in this June 12th 2010 article on the relevance of Lu Xun to contemporary China, in the (UK) Guardian newspaper.

By Nicky Harman, June 13 '10, 7:32a.m.

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Thinking Chinese translation - useful new reference/teaching book

Thinking Chinese Translation is a practical and comprehensive course-book, intended for translation students and of interest to practising translators too.


By Nicky Harman, June 10 '10, 9:21a.m.

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2010 PEN Translation Prize Winners

The winners of PEN's annual translation prize have been announced. Among many worthy winners in many worthy languages, our own particular bias has been satisfied in the form of David Hull's translation of Waverings (presumably 动摇), a novel by Mao Dun. See their official announcement. Congrats to David Hull, a grad student at UCLA.

Nice to see attention paid to the old worthies!

By Eric Abrahamsen, June 2 '10, 7:54p.m.

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Scatological humour in Zhu Wen and Han Dong

Pamela Hunt writes: Why are there so many modern Chinese novels in which, as Cindy Carter put it so nicely in an earlier post, ‘faeces play a starring role’? Any reader of contemporary Chinese fiction will tell you that you don’t have to look very far to find a joke about bodily functions. But at the same time humour is rarely discussed in academic writing on Chinese literature, let alone humour that centres around the toilet. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed a shame, which is why I decided to tackle the subject myself in a recent essay for the MA in Modern Chinese Literature at SOAS, University of London, focusing on the work of two authors much discussed on the pages of Paper Republic, Han Dong and Zhu Wen.


By Nicky Harman, June 2 '10, 10:31a.m.

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Nicky Harman to translate Jin Shan/Gold Mountain Blues

A little Monday-morning horn-tootling: Our very own Nicky Harman has been chosen to translate Jin Shan, aka Gold Mountain Blues, by Zhang Ling.

Nicky's situation is a little unusual in that her translation is being commissioned and published by multiple publishing houses in various regions simultaneously, rather than the usual practice of a single commissioning publisher who then sells the rights on. Hopefully this will result in slightly better terms for Nicky.

Gold Mountain Blues will come out with Atlantic in the UK/Commonwealth and Penguin in Canada, and is scheduled to appear in late 2011/early 2012. It has also sold into eight other languages/territories.

Congratulations, Nicky, and we look forward to reading it!

By Eric Abrahamsen, June 1 '10, 12:19a.m.

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